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If you need any further proof that we are in the midst of a full-on patriarchal biblical-religious war on women, a Wisconsin lawmaker is happy to provide it.

According to Yahoo News, Wisconsin Rep. Don Pridemore helpfully suggests that, rather than divorcing an abusive spouse, you should try to remember the things you love about the guy while he is beating you up.

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I'm kind of freaking out a little bit.

I went out for a walk, and when I came home, my kid said some black SUV had pulled up and some dudes in black were banging on the back door and the front door and ringing the door bell and peaking in through the windows.

She was hiding in my room with a knife, didn't answer the door, of course. (I don't leave her home alone frequently or for much time, but she is big girl, and pretty darned smart, but her instructions are not to answer the door for anyone she does not know, ever, if I'm not with her. Good job...I just wish she had gotten a license tag no. or some other identifying information. All she got for me was "dudes wearing black in a black SUV").

There are any variety of reasons why dudes in black in a black SUV might pull up and bang on my door, and most of them aren't too reminiscent of unicorns and glitter and shite...

If I don't keep posting regularly over the next few days, call, come looking for me, make inquiries. PLEASE


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