Dec. 10th, 2012 07:46 am
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I scrape ice crystals from the windshield.
The carburetor loses its tenuous hold.
I settle into the driver’s seat
to turn the key again.
Canadian geese fly overhead

November, 1993, © anthony baldwin

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I like hitch-hiking round the galaxy

So I thought I’d write some poetry

Vogon in nature, I hope you I’ll agree

Or I’ll grubble your fruncheons and cut down your tree.

I said before, that I like to travel

I don’t, but I prefer it to gravel.

I like to hit crabs on the head with a gavel

Shouting “Resistance is useless!” as their brains do unravel.

I’m not a Vogon, I’m really a man

A man not a girl like Trillian

She’s a girl I met in Islington

At a party where she left with a two headed man.

Then those wretched Vogon’s destroyed my home

And ever since I’ve been forced to roam.

And roam I do, though not to Rome

Cos Rome’s not there any more.

You’re getting bored so I’ll write faster

So far it’s borderline disaster

I’m desperate for a gargle blaster

Although they hurt the morning after

Last time it got me really pished

I tripped and lost my babel fish

Tout en parlent avec Eccentrica Gallumbits

I was seeing quintuple, that’s fifteen tits!

Marvin doubts that story’s true

So flumbly grumbles and slimbly poo

I hope you’ve got your towel with you

Go enjoy your life and it’s forty two.

Copyright © Matty Millard 2012


@Poetic Justice

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May. 7th, 2012 12:37 pm
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Sonnet #18

(a parody)

Shall I compare thee to a bale of hay?

Thou art more dusty and far less neat.

Rough winds do toss thy mop about, I'd say,

Which looks far worse than hay a horse would eat.

Sometime thy squinty eye looks into mine

Through stringy, greasy hair that needs be trimm'd,

And ne'er a horse had such a stench as thine,

As though in stagnant sewers thou hast swimm'd.

Thy disgusting image shall not fade;

This my tortured mind and soul doth know.

O, I should love to hit thee with a spade;

And with that blow I hope that thou wouldst go.

So long as I can breathe, my eyes can see,

And I can run, I'll stay away from thee

(sorry, Will)

1991 tonybaldwin

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May. 7th, 2012 12:36 pm
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In spring there is first

budding and green and

dreaming ambition forming

into summer strength

and purpose giving shade

giving way to autumn

every leaf finding color

and spirit and freedom

falling to the ground


until blanketed with snow.

The hill above my window then, as

white and barren

pure and empty

solid and strong

as an ivory buddha.

Today I part my hair

a little further to the left.

Every line brings color to

the inside, to the mind,

filling and emptying.

Yet I cannot age

with the grace of trees

tony baldwin 1994

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tonybaldwin: tony baldwin (Default)
I have published a book of my poetr, art, and photos.

Find it here:
art of tony baldwin
art of tony baldwin 2010

It can be read online, or purchased both as a pdf download, or a bound and print copy.


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