Feb. 22nd, 2010

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This is my first entry to dreamwidth.

I have other blogs:
baldwinsoftware | blog is my main blog.

I hack stuff: baldwinsoftware.com

I translate stuff: baldwinlinguas.com

I also paint stuff, photograph stuff, sing stuff, write poetic stuff: photodharma.com.

That's enough stuff for my first post.

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Likely you knew that, but I didn't, so I was testing it.
This will be the first post ever from me to dreamwidth, via logjam.

What this really means, to me, is that it will be rather simple for me to xpost to my livejournal, my insanejournal, and my dreamwidth nearly simultaneously.
It's just a matter of writing a post to one, reloading the post, and posting it to the next.
I also use petrus, with LJ and IJ ANd my blogspot, because, petrus is all that and a bag o' chips.
So, I'm probably going to try petrus out here, momentarily.

Now, the only blogging client I've managed to get to play with my wordpress based baldwinsoftware blog on my hosting account, is drivel.
I don't think drivel plays with other blogging sites...

But, I have the baldwinsoftware blog automagically x-posting to my livejournal, and, of course, I could then load the LJ posts in logjam and fire them off to dreamwidth and insanejournal...you know, just to be certain that I am optimizing my babbling and annoying the broadest audience possible...
There will be no escape.
There is NO blogging community where I won't find you...
Give up now, and hadn over all your cheese doodles.


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