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Yahoo! has been completely yanking my crank.
Their mail is buggy, the new version doesn't want to play with any browser other than internet exploder, and they've been forcing me to fill captcha forms for nearly every e-mail I send, and, despite successful compliance with that annoyance, actually suspended access to one of my two Yahoo! Mail accounts, for accusation of sending spam (never in my life have I sent spam).
And beside, from what I understand now, they're deep in the sack with the Evil Empire in Redmond.

So, I decided to completely discontinue use of any Yahoo! products. Period.
No more Yahoo! mail, no more home page, no more Yahoo! Messenger, even.
Forget about it, Yahoo! I don't love you any more.

And I'm completely googley-eye enamored over a myriad Google services these days.
I use gmail, google docs, google reader, googlevoice telephone, google's picasa, google calendar, google analytics and webmaster tools, google dry cleaning...if they have a service, I'm using it.
(What? No Google Personals, yet? No Google music store?)

So, I've had a Yahoo! group for my translation providers, as a listserv and filing sharing mechanism, for some time. Of course, I decided to move the group to Google Groups.
Well, Google wouldn't let me simply send an invite to the Yahoo! Group. Apparently that's verbotten, whether at the Y! end or the G! end, I don't know, but, it's a no go.
So, I copy pasted over the e-mail addy's of some 30 translators at a time into the invite form at the google group, explaining the move and informing them that in order to continue receiving job notifications, they'll have to make the switch with me. Now, Google, being the conscientious net citizen that they are, wanted to be certain I wasn't spamming people and trying to get them to join some spammy, spam-n-eggs kind of group, so when I pressed "send", they kindly asked me to explain who these 30 folks are, do they know me, and why I was inviting so many people at once.

My response to the question was:
The persons whom I am inviting are all professional translators who work for me on a freelance basis. I have maintained a Yahoo! group as a listserv and file sharing mechanism to communicate with them for some time.
However, since Yahoo! sucks donkey balls and Google now rules the online world, I have made the only logical choice and decided to move said listserv to a google group. I <3 google.
hugs and kisses
tony baldwin

Their later response was entertaining, to say the least, but I haven't permission to repost their message to me, of course. Wish I could.
Suffice it to say that they seemed quite happy to approve my request to invite my colleagues, and have wished me a long and fruitful enjoyment of google groups.
God bless Google...
I'm getting all teary eyed here...
Seriously, if Google would start a dating/personals site of their own, and their own music service, I think the work "internet" would even become obsolete. There would just be "the GoogleSphere".


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