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Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope have seen a key stage in the birth of giant planets for the first time. Vast streams of gas are flowing across a gap in the disc of material around a young star. These are the first direct observations of such streams, which are expected to be created by giant planets guzzling gas as they grow. The result is published on 2 January 2013 in the journal Nature.

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Hubble astronomers have observed deeper into space than ever before.


In doing so, they have identified six new galaxies of stars that formed just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang itself.

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okay, I have to go to the bank...
I stuck around because the power company was fµçking with shite and knocked the power out, had to get all machines up and running again, but now time to go...

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Aliens ruining your peaceful sleep by dragging you from bed on a nightly basis for yet another anal probing?

Make your own Thought Screen Helmet!

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Aug 29 Oliver Wendell Holmes born, 1809, physician and father of the jurist
Aug 29 Star in Cygnus goes nova and becomes 4th brightest in sky, 1975;
Nova Cygni 1975.
Aug 29 Saruman enters the Shire
Aug 29 Nace en Tucumán Juan Bautista Alberdi, 1810
Aug 29 Viaje inaugural de la locomotora "La Porteña", 1857
Aug 29 N'oubliez pas les Sabine !
Aug 29 Quand les hirondelles voient la saint Michel,
L'hiver ne vient qu'à Noël.
Aug 29 Beatrix, Erna
Aug 29 День Кащея
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Aug 28 Martin Luther King leads over 200,000 in civil rights rally in Washington, DC, 1963
Aug 28 Heroes Day in Philippines
Aug 28 Aujourd'hui, c'est la St(e) Augustin.
Aug 28 Fine pluie à la saint Augustin,
C'est comme s'il pleuvait du vin.
Aug 28 Ágoston
Aug 28 День пограничника
Aug 28 Воздвижение Креста Господня
Aug 28 Успение Пресвятой Богородицы
Aug 28 Успение Златогорки
Aug 28 Успення Пресвятої Богородиці
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Aug 27 Lyndon B. Johnson born, 1908
Aug 27 "Tarzan of the Apes" published, 1912
Aug 27 Krakatoa, Java explodes with a force of 1,300 megatons, 1883
Aug 27* Bank Holiday in England and Wales
Aug 27 Liberation Day in Hong Kong
Aug 27 Primera transmisión radiofónica, 1920
Aug 27 N'oubliez pas les Edwige !
Aug 27 Bonne fête aux Joseph !
Aug 27 Gáspár
Aug 27 Steven Baldwin, born in New London, CT, Aug. 27, 1967
Aug 27 Международный день театра
Aug 27 День внутренних войск
Aug 27 Общероссийский день библиотек
Aug 27 День молодежи
Aug 27 День кино
Aug 27 День спасателя
Aug 27 День снятия блокады города Ленинграда (1944 год)
Aug 27 Отбор жертв Перуну, русалии
Aug 27 Воздвиження Чесного Хреста
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Aug 26 19th amendment of US constitution gives women the vote, 1920
Aug 26 Susan B. Anthony Day in Massachusetts
Aug 26 Jimi Hendrix gives his last performance at the Isle of Wight, 1970
Aug 26 Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland Studios opens in New York, 1970
Aug 26 Open Hardware Certification Program started, 1997
Aug 26 Nace en Bruselas el escritor Julio Cortázar, 1914
Aug 26 Día Nacional de la Solidaridad
Aug 26 N'oubliez pas les Natacha !
Aug 26 Bonne fête aux Zéphirin !
Aug 26 Aujourd'hui, c'est la St(e) Eulade.
Aug 26 Schlacht bei Tannenberg, 1914
Aug 26 Izsó
Aug 26 День памяти погибших в радиационных авариях и катастрофах
Aug 26* День шахтера
Aug 26 Всемирный день информации
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Aug 25 Gen. De Gaulle leads French forces into Paris, 1944
Aug 25 Constitution Day in Paraguay
Aug 25 Independence Day in Uruguay
Aug 25 Leonard Bernstein is born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1918
Aug 25 The opera "La muette de Portici" starts the belgian revolution, 1830
Aug 25 Aujourd'hui, c'est la St(e) Louis.
Aug 25 Lajos, Patrícia
Aug 25 Татьянин день. Студенческий праздник
Aug 25 День таможенника
Aug 25 Коляда (сдвинутое зимнее солнцестояние)
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Aug 24 St Bartholomew
Aug 24 "Alice's Restaurant" premieres in New York and Los Angeles, 1969
Aug 24 -126.9 F at Vostok, Antarctica, 1960
Aug 24 British troops burn Washington, 1814
Aug 24 National Flag Day in Liberia
Aug 24 Nace en Buenos Aires Jorge Luis Borges, 1899
Aug 24 Bonne fête aux Barthélémy !
Aug 24 À la saint Barthélémy,
Paie to dû.
Aug 24 Bertalan
Aug 24 День славянской письменности и культуры
Aug 24 Международный день ООН
Aug 24 День взятия турецкой крепости Измаил русскими войсками под командованием А.В. Суворова (1790 год)
Aug 24 День Велеса
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Aug 23 Gene Kelly born, 1912
Aug 23 DEC founded, 1957
Aug 23 Sacco and Vanzetti executed, 1927
Aug 23 Liberation Days (2 days) in Romania
Aug 23 Keith Moon is born in London, England, 1946
Aug 23 El general Manuel Belgrano inicia la retirada hacia Tucumán, 1812
Aug 23 Aujourd'hui, c'est la St(e) Rose.
Aug 23 N'oubliez pas les Philippe !
Aug 23 Abschluß des Hitler-Stalin-Paktes, 1939
Aug 23 Bence
Aug 23 День защитника Отечества
Aug 23 День победы Красной Армии над кайзеровскими войсками Германии (1918 год)
Aug 23 День разгрома советскими войсками немецко-фашистских войск в Курской битве (1943 год)
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Aug 22 CDC 6600 introduced, 1963
Aug 22 Death of King Richard III, 1485, Last of the Plantagenets
Aug 22 Joe Walker sets X-15 all time altitude mark (67 miles), 1963
Aug 22 St. Columbia reports seeing monster in Loch Ness, 565
Aug 22 Día del Folklore Argentino
Aug 22 Regency of the Prince Charles, 1944
Aug 22 N'oubliez pas les Fabrice !
Aug 22 Bonne fête aux Symphorien !
Aug 22 Jamais d'août la sécheresse
N'amènera la richesse.
Aug 22 Menyhért, Mirjam
Aug 22 День памяти и скорби (Начало Великой Отечественной Войны, 1941 год)
Aug 22 День государственного флага
Aug 22 День энергетика
Aug 22 Ярилин День
Aug 22* Поворот к зиме (осеннее равноденствие)
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Aug 21 Christopher Robin Milne born, 1920
Aug 21 Winnie-the-Pooh (Edward Bear) born (given to Christopher Robin
Milne), 1921
Aug 21 Joe Strummer (The Clash), born John Mellor in Ankara, Turkey, 1952
Aug 21 Bonne fête aux Christophe !
Aug 21 Aujourd'hui, c'est la St(e) Jeanne.
Aug 21 Einmarsch des Warschauer Pakts in die Tschechoslowakei, 1968
Aug 21 Sámuel, Hajna
Aug 21 День инженерных войск
Aug 21 День работников налоговых органов
Aug 21 День победы русских полков во главе с великим князем Дмитрием Донским над монголо-татарскими войсками в Куликовской битве (1380 год)
Aug 21 Рождество Пресвятой Богородицы
Aug 21* Зимнее солнцестояние
Aug 21* Летнее солнцестояние
Aug 21 День Стрибога
Aug 21 День Сварога и Семаргла
Aug 21 Різдво Пресвятої Богородиці
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Aug 20 Leon Trotsky assassinated, 1940
Aug 20 Constitution Day in Hungary
Aug 20 N'oubliez pas les Bernard !
Aug 20 Brumes d'août font passer les châtaignes.
Aug 20 Szent István nap, Államalapítás ünnepe
Aug 20 István
Aug 20 День работника органов безопасности
Aug 20* Весенние равноденствие
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