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My response to their "corrections" to my test materials:

I have reviewed the Marked Up file, and it is, frankly, completely and utterly ridiculous. I am an expert in the English language, I assure you, having studied and taught English and other languages, and worked as a translator, together, for over two decades. I know my skills and qualifications, and while I might not be a skilled basketball player, I know my native tongue. There are no grammatical or spelling errors in my work. I have thoroughly checked it, several times.

Your editor actually "corrected" items with incorrect spellings, even, such as replacing a word with "undertkakings". What in the Hell are "undertkakings"? "Sign undertkakings" is somehow more correct than "establish commitments"? Not in any court of law in the US, I assure you, and I've worked in the courts for 7 years. In another location, they "corrected" "court clerk's office" with "registry officie". "Officie"? Every court I've worked in has a court clerk. None of them here have a "registry officie".

Did you even look at the "corrections"?

They (your editor) changed "they/their" to "it, its".

Or perhaps, I should say,"It changed..."?

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

"Lawyer" and "attorney" are completely interchangeable in US English (1).

These are merely examples. There's much more I find very questionable in your editor's corrections, and other "corrections" that are absolutely preposterous. It's embarrassing, really, for you, for Merril Brink. Were I to publish your "corrections" your company would become a laughing stock in the industry. (Recall, I haven't signed any NDA in regard to your test materials, either, of course. Had I, I would honor it.).

Where did you dig up this editor? A local high school?

If this is representative of the work you provide clients, perhaps it is best I do not work with you.

I do not want my name on the garbage that your editor returned to me.

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