Jun. 9th, 2013

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Sun Jun 9 11:04:09 EDT 2013

Distance: 2.485 mi
Time 00:21:00
Pace: 08:27 min/mi
Weight: 143 (-2 from initial 145)
Calories: 268.9326640
BG: 105
This was the CT Rollery Derby's
2nd Annual Derby in Derby
4k race.
First race since about 1987.
That's 26 years.
Race instinct took over at the start, and
I blew past the pack and stayed on the heals of the lead pack for a bit.
They only had brackets for 18 and under, 19 to 55, and 55 and up.
Being 44, I didn't beat all the 20 and 30 year olds, of course,
but I think I was 1st or 2nd for over 40 people,
at least in the top 3.
Nobody passed me.
Once I got away from the pack, I passed a couple of runners who started strong,
but couldn't hold on.
It wasn't a big crowd, really, just a small, local race, and a fun one.
Lovely day, very nice course.
Went with my friend, Pat Quinn.
He's still recovering from doing a Tough Mudder race just a week ago,
so, he took it easy.
Got a t-shirt and a water bottle!
Lots of lovely, healthy lasses there, derby girls, runner girls...
a very attractive crowd!
It felt good. I feel good.
I'm definitely going to step up my training now,
and look forward to some more 5ks.

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This is the shoe I raced in today, the New Balance 670v2 Men's Running Shoe.

Light-weight, supportive, and stylish.
I just bought them yesterday for US$45 in the local shopping mall,
as the Saucony shoes in which I've been training have seen a lot of miles.
I couldn't find them on New Balance's own website, oddly.

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