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mari0 - mario, with a portals gun...

free for win/lin/mac

#game #mario #portals

found at @JC John Sese Cuneta (謝施洗) 's site,
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I add an option in preferences for fren.tcl to post over a secure socket layer connection (ie, force use of SSL).

Pushed to git up, and new tarball available at or

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We've had a cheap keyboard around for a few years that was a Christmas gift.

My kid barely tinkered with it until about a year ago. Now she's gotten pretty good at picking out songs by ear, and stuff.

We also had one very cheap, beater acoustic guitar that she barely tinkered with, but suddenly, she's developed an interested in the guitar, too.

And she has expressed a desire for, in her words, "more professional instruments".

And there's no way I let her use my Alvarez Yairi.

So, today I had to work in Danbury, CT, again, interpreting in a deposition.

Between the law firm's office and the Brazilian churrascaria and buffet where I ate lunch was this pawn shop, and I stopped in.

I got a good deal on these. The Yamaha keyboard is clearly not new, but it sounds great, and is good and sturdy.

She mostly plays with piano sound, and this sounds good for that.

It's got some nice organ sounds, too, one that comes close to emulating a good old Roland.

Good stuff.

And this guitar is a real Fender® Stratocaster. Not any cheap immitation, like a Squire, or something.


I do stuff like this, because I'm the Best Dad Ever.

Now, I got home from Danbury early, left the car in the drive, with these instruments in the back seat, and walked to the school to pick her up at the usual time.

The whole way home I harrassed her about not cleaning out my car, which I had asked her to do several days ago.

As we walked up the driveway, I demanded,"Just LOOK at this mess in my car!"

And she did, and she SCREAMED! "OH, NO, YOU DIDN'T!!

She's polishing the Stratocaster right now with my guitar polish.

She <3 loves <3 it!

#bestdadever #guitar
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I now hve 666 contacts!


my facebook contacts are loading into my friendica contacts.

So appropriate that FB (evil) takes me to 666.

#facebook #friendica #connector #evil
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For the benefit of my DW and LJ readers, etc., to whom I am xposting this:

Friendica at now has twitter and facebook connections, meaning you can post from to twitter and facebook, plus you can follow and interact with facebook contacts in friendica. You can follow twitter contacts, too.


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