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Like Violet (again)


You may recall that I reviewed Like Violet earlier this summer 9review here), having seen them for the first time at the New Haven Arts & Ideas Festival.

Well, they played tonight, a free show, at a local library branch, and, again, it was a great time!

I got a photo with the band! And a t-shirt!

So, I learned tonight that Cait and Carly were previously members of Kicking Daisies, a band that's played Warped Tour (funny...I missed them...we go every year, sometimes two or three different shows), and that Cait wrote a KD song that made #34 on the Billboard charts. Not only that, but Cait also holds the world's record for fastest female drummer!

Tonight's show was excellent, especially since they played longer than at Arts & Ideas, including a mini-acoustic set in the middle of the show, and showcased new material I had not heard before.

As before, Cait's clockwork and Carly's bass drove the songs, while Shaepes' soaring guitar work painted a masterpiece, all embellished by Carly's glowing vocals. These musicians are skilled writers and composers, and play a super-tight show.

I can hardly wait to see them again!