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I have now successfully posted to:

All with Xpostulate.

Xpostulate also has deadjournal posting integrated, but, since I don't have a deadjournal, I have not tested that.

Additionally, as some of you already know, Xpostulate also tweets to twitter and sends dents to

Earlier today I added DW-specific tags, and some additional html insertion features, as well.

ALSO: I initiated a project for Xpostulate on googlecode this morning.

There's still work to be done, of course...Plenty of work...
All the same, considering I started this project less than a week ago, I'm fairly satisifed!
I have already released a viable, crossposting blogging and microblogging client.

Sometimes I'm so awesome, I can't stand myself...



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As promised, I have added some html tag insertion features to Xpostulate, as well as insertion of dreamwidth specific cut and user tags, like this:
[personal profile] tonybaldwin

That's all the hacking for today...
I have uploaded a new zip file to Xpostulate

Oh, and I've changed the name from "eXp0stulate" to simply "Xpostulate".

I'm considering adding image insertion, and adding in the ftp tool I have in tcltext, so the user can upload an image from the Xpostulate interface, without calling an additional ftp client.
Does that sound useful?
That would be easy to add.
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I've decided to take the code from TclTherapy (insanejournal client), and TkLJ (livejournal client), and join them together, adding functionality for DreamWidth, as well.
If you are seeing this post on any of IJ, LJ, and/or DW, that means I have successfully merged the code, and X-posted to all three blogging services.

I'll be calling this new bit of hackery
since it x-posts.
I'd like to add wordpress and blogger funcationality, but that will require my learning to get this thing to write out an xml file and play nice with the xml-rpc protocol, rather than just sending via http post.
Not sure...either way, it's just a matter of time.

Okay, so...let's see how she works...



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