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I redesigned my webmaster services site today.

baldwin web services

I installed dokuwiki, in truth, then modified the mmclean template, creating the DarkClean Template, to fit better with the remainder of my site.

I rewrote some of the content, stripping a lot of it down (especially the index page), and have all content in both English and Spanish. I think simplifying matters as I have will make the site more accessible to potential clients. Maybe this will help me get some webmaster work, since translation work, lately, has been sporadic and/or offered at abysmal rates.

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Before I started using real hosting, with ssh access and vim on the server end, I managed my sites by writing them at home and uploading over ftp. Now, while this could be done with sftp or scp and vim, for the longest time, and sometimes now still, I will manage such tasks with TclText, my gro0vy, ticklish text editor, in tcl/tk, with a built-in ftp tool, and many other features.


Here you see me editing with TclText

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I hacked up a little more python/tkinter silliness.

iDenTweetyPie sends a dent/tweet(update) to twitter or

That's all, really.

I have no plans to make a full-blown client for either site, just a quick-n-dirty updating tool. I would like, however, to figure out the pubsubhub thingy to send buzzes to google/buzz.

That would take some additionaly work, since, at the moment, iDenTweetyPie tells you that you talk too much and refuses to proceed if your update is longer than 160 characters, which, of course, isn't necessary for buzz, since buzz tolerates longer updates.

I might work on that. I don't know. This was just a little exercise, really.

I had already written a similar little program in tcl/tk, iDenTickle, which initially only did dents, but I have updated that one to send tweets, too.

my dents : my tweets


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