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Witnesses tell the tale of a handcuffed #OccupySF protestor being shot twice in the back by a member of the San Francisco Police Department.

As the police state continues to intensify, instances where members of the citizenry are being treated like second-class citizens and either spied on, unnecessarily targeted, unlawfully arrested and tazed and/or shot also continues to increase.

Such was the case Wednesday morning as eye-witness video, via #OccupySF Repressed Media and uploaded to Youtube, captured the victim, in what appears to be downtown San Francisco, being loaded into an ambulance, lying motionless and still in the handcuffs.

Video: Police gun down Occupy protestor
Based on the video statement, the incident took place around 10:30 AM PST, in front of the “Federal” Reserve building at 101 Market Street. The statement also stated,

A man had just been shot and killed by SFPD by the SAFEWAY near Sue Bierman Park. OccupySF Repressed Media responded and witnessed paramedics and SFFD moving a body into an ambulance. Eyewitnesses report SFPD shot and killed an apparently unarmed Asian or Hispanic man twice in the back WHILE HE WAS ALREADY IN HANDCUFFS. WTF? #FTP We later discovered that the witness in this video actually saw the incident. #OccupySF Repressed Media was the first camera on the scene.

Although members of the population that can be classified as “minorities” will typically say that being targeted by police is nothing new, especially in poor and urban areas and inner cities where there is a high concentration of minorities, instances of police brutality and a general overreach of policing power is on the rise.

Anger is already brewing within the national #Occupy movement over these new developments. Tensions were already high in the SF/Oakland area with regard to the Occupy movement, already experiencing many police state like situations, prior to today's shooting.

These types of instances do not bode well for police/citizen relations. As the economy continues to worsen and tensions continue to rise between the haves and have-nots, police overstepping their bounds and attacking defenseless individuals will only serve to make people feel inclined to retaliate. The SF Police are urged to act quickly and publicly state their willingness to thoroughly investigate the incident and fairly punish the Officer(s) involved to the fullest extent of the law.

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