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I have now successfully posted to:

All with Xpostulate.

Xpostulate also has deadjournal posting integrated, but, since I don't have a deadjournal, I have not tested that.

Additionally, as some of you already know, Xpostulate also tweets to twitter and sends dents to

Earlier today I added DW-specific tags, and some additional html insertion features, as well.

ALSO: I initiated a project for Xpostulate on googlecode this morning.

There's still work to be done, of course...Plenty of work...
All the same, considering I started this project less than a week ago, I'm fairly satisifed!
I have already released a viable, crossposting blogging and microblogging client.

Sometimes I'm so awesome, I can't stand myself...



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Tweeting and Denting are now incorporated within the eXpostulate interface, so you can really annoy all your online friends, by x-xposting to 4 distinct blogging services, & denting and tweeting to announce your new articles!

At this moment, the denting/tweeting is still using curl, however, which is only native to * nix systems (should work on lin/bsd/mac without further configuration, but win users will have to install curl, which can be done, of course).

I will be attempting to work out tweeting/denting with tcl's own http post method. I've tried a few times, but unsuccessfully, so far. Need to log on to #tcl at freenode and get some help, or something.

posted with eXpostulate

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I added in a DeadJournal feature on eXp0stulate.
I haven't tested it, though, since I don't have a DJ.
Should work, to my knowledge, just as in LJ, IJ, and DW, but, I would be grateful is someone who does have a DJ would download it an test it.
Also, of course, eXp0stulate has only been tested, so far, on my debian gnu/linux machine.
Being tcl/tk, it should be fully cross-platform and function on mac/win, but since, I only have gnu/linux in my home, I have not tested it on those platforms.

eXp0stulate in bl00d r3d...ooooh


posted with eXp0stulate.


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